Simple Game Rules

  1. Games can be played at indoor or outdoor courts.
  2. Scheduled games must be submitted via the CBL game scheduler.
  3. Teams must play other CBL league teams for game credit.
  4. Refs are not required or needed for rec league games.
  5. Game stats are not required or needed for rec league games.
  6. “ALL” baskets are two points each.
  7. 3-point shots will be counted as a two-pointer.
  8. Games are 60 minutes or 100 points. Which ever one comes first.
  9. Halftime is at 50 points with a 5 minutes rest period.
  10. Tie games are decided by sudden death basket.
  11. Players call their own fouls (unlimited player fouls).
  12. Disputed calls are decided by 3-point shot at top of the key.
  13. Final game results must be confirmed by both team captains/owners.
  14. Player members must have profile picture on CBL app for ID.
  15. 16 regular season games are required to make playoffs/tournaments.
  16. Playoff/tournament teams are seeded by most games played.
  17. Rec league teams cannot charge an admission fee for games.

*DISCLAIMER: Game rules are subject to be added, updated or changed at any time by the CBL corporate office.