Basketball Gazelle Teams vs Basketball Lion Teams

I was recently watching an episode about lions and gazelles on the Animal Channel and there was something that I thought would be worth sharing to our players.

The African safari is a known habitat for gazelles. The gazelles have to live amongst the most fierce predators of the wild. The most respected being the Lion, also known as the King of the Wild or Jungle.

Gazelles are known for their agility, quickness, and ability to sense when danger is close. Gazelles are successful in the safari because they know how to survive (or win) in the habitat they are in. They find defeat (or death) when they forget that they are gazelles. Therefore, I didn’t see gazelles roaming around the African safari roaring and acting like lions.

Lions on the other hand are successful because they pretty much will work as team. Their hunting strategy is superior. The way they protect their pack is admirable, and one lion’s strengthen alone is very imposing. Another noticeable thing about lions is that one lion may make a kill, but all the lions will feast on that kill. Interesting…

So what’s the point in me telling you this and what does this have to do with you playing basketball you ask???

The point is this, we have teams in are league that are like gazelles and lions.

If you’re a player or team that is doing the chest-thumping, loud trashing talking (i.e. HE’S CAN’T HOLD ME!) after every basket you make, BUT you’re getting ass handed to you (or EATEN ALIVE) by 20 points or more, you are a gazelle.

If on the other hand, you’re a player or team that’s executing your team’s strategy, playing together as a team, and you have players that could score 30 or 40 points every game, BUTinstead choose to achieve their success within the team framework, you are a Lion.

Think about it… which type of player are you or which type of team do you play on?

Remember, you can’t make it if you don’t shoot!


Jamar Johnson is the CEO & Chief Commissioner of the Community Basketball Leagues, speaker, and author of the book Improving America One Basketball Game at a TimeJamar’s passion is helping aspiring basketball players, coaches, and basketballpreneurs succeed using the CBL’s league platform. To contact Jamar email