The Business of Basketball Not Just For NBA Guys

During the opening week of the NBA’s free agency period, it seemed like on a daily basis we were reading about players signing $100 million dollar contracts. First it was Kyrie, then it was Kevin, then Kawhi, of whom was the most desired and watched free agent player available.

I have to be honest, it was fun watching all of the NBA TV shows that were giving us color commentary, gossip, and predictions on who was going where and how much money they would sign for.


Basketball business not just for nba guys


The game of basketball is the best sport and the NBA, is by far the best professional sports league in the world. I don’t have time to go into why I’m 100% right about what I just said so you’re going to have to just trust me… 😊 But the point that I’m trying to make is that the sport of basketball makes for a great business.

According to a recent survey taken by the Sports Fitness Industry Association and Statista, 23.4 million players took to the courts in 2018, compared to the 6.5 million players that battled it out on football field. I’m a former basketball player, I get that, but the numbers don’t lie.

Often when I’m pitching investors about the “business” of basketball they’re able to make a connection with the high profile 4 year $190 million NBA deals that they heard about while on their commute in to work. But they fail to make the connection with a basketball business that has over 450 million players globally and the potential of generating billions per year in revenue.

Hyperbole you say? Maybe. But again, go back and look at the numbers.

Hey, 15 years ago…

Nobody thought it was possible for a company to help homeowners earn money renting out their extra bedroom.

Nobody thought it was possible for a company to help automobile owners use their own cars to earn extra cash.

And absolutely nobody thought it was possible for a company to help people earn spending cash delivering someone’s grocery or food orders.

So why would you think it is not possible for me to help millions of passionate basketball players with an opportunity to monetize their passion for game they love?

The business of basketball is for all who love the game, and not just for thee elite of the NBA.

Empower the players. Provide global platform. Help millions.

The CBL… where players can turn their passion for playing basketball into cash and incentives!