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The CBL is taking the recreational basketball to another level.

No more will players who love the game have to play in recreational leagues for local bragging rights and t-shirts.

Our national league membership and platform makes our league a lot more fun and more competitive.

Starting teams, drafting players, and scheduling games can all be done on our CBL app.

If your team plays a minimum of 16 games within a quarter season, the team will automatically qualify for the post-season quarterly tournament.

The more regular season games you play, the higher the team’s tournament seed will be.

Teams are seeded for post-season tournaments by the number of games played and not by wins and loses.

So if you want your team to play for our cash prize… all you have to do is play 16 or more regular season games.

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The next rec league quarter season starts:

JULY 1ST, 2019

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