Next Level League Formats

In the CBL you can start in our rec league and work your way up…

CBL Rec League:

The CBL Rec League is membership-based and open to players of all skill levels. 

Players form their own teams and play against other CBL teams in their city or area. Minimum of 8 players on team roster required.

Rec league teams can also participate in our quarterly post-season tournaments if they meet the minimum 16 regular season game requirement.

Rec teams are required to have numbered jerseys or t-shirts for league and tournament play. 

The rec level membership only provides cash prizes for winning the regional and national tournaments.

Rec Player membership start at: $19.99 per month

Rec Team Captain Ownership start at: $49.99 per month

*Rec team ownership includes rec player membership.

CBL Rec League website – coming soon…

CBL Exposure/Semi-Pro League:

The CBL Exposure/Semi-Pro league is membership-based and open to players of all skill levels.

The CBL Exposure/Semi-Pro Leagues are started in cities where we have a high level of rec league teams, players, and games being played.

This league caters to graduating high school players and players seeking overseas/pro contracts.

Our exposure league is a traditional league format that helps players and team owners/coaches with becoming more marketable to college programs and/or professional/overseas teams.

The CBL Exposure/Semi-Pro League requires “rec player members” to upgrade their membership to be draft eligible and play in the league.     

Membership plans start at $349.00 per season

CBL Exposure/Semi-Pro League website – coming soon…

CBL Minor League:

The CBL Minor League players and team owner/coaches are selected from the CBL Exposure League.

The players are selected by the CBL Minor League team GM/Head Coaches.

The GM/Head Coaches are selected by the CBL corporate office.

This league requires all players to play a minimum of two seasons in the CBL Exposure/Semi-Pro league. 

CBL Minor League teams are teams that were selected because they demonstrated exceptional team operations and play in the CBL Exposure/Semi-Pro league.

Players and GM/Head Coaches are signed and paid based on a season contract.

This league level is not membership-based.

CBL Minor League website – coming soon…