Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do we play our games?

Rec league teams must find their own regular season game locations. Games can be played at indoor gyms or outdoor courts. Both teams have to agree on game location before scheduling the game.

Do we need referees?

No, we use the Simple Game Rules for our rec league games. Go to the Rules page to review our Simple Game Rules.

How many players are required for each team?

Rec league teams must have a minimum of 8 rec league member players on their team roster. The max number is 14 players for a rec league team.

When does the season start?

There are four quarter seasons. Each quarter season is a new season. January 1st – Q1 Season, April 1st – Q2 Season, July 1st – Q3 Season, and October 1st – Q4 Season.

How many games can teams play each week?

Teams can schedule and play 3 games per week during the quarter season. It is highly encouraged that teams start playing games as soon as the quarter season starts. This will help to ensure teams meet their 16 game minimum to make the quarter season playoffs/tournament.

I’m a player and I don’t have a team, but I want to play, what should I do?

If you want to play in our league and haven’t been drafted to a team, download our app and do a team captain/owner search to find a team in your area. Send a message or a player draft request to the team captain/owner. If you are still not able to get on a team we encourage you to find 7 other players and start your own team.

What days and what time are the games?

We “encourage” teams to play league games on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, but game scheduling for rec league games are agreed upon by the team captain/owners of each team.

How many games can we play in a day?

3 games in one day is the max (morning, noon, and evening games). That means you can play more than half of your regular season games in one weekend.

How do we know other teams are playing with actual league player members?

Team captains/owners should review their opposing team’s official roster and player profiles on the CBL app. All player members must have a profile picture that can properly identify each players. Any team (team captain/owner) found using non-CBL player members will be banned from future league and tournament play.

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